Project Manager for Azure DevOps is the Most Simple Way to work with Azure DevOps.

Work with Azure DevOps in a familiar desktop environment

Enable your employees to focus on delivering value by letting them work in a Windows environment that they are already familiar with.

Work with multiple items from the Azure DevOps backlog at the same time

Maintaining the team backlog can seem like a burdensome task.  Project Manager for Azure DevOps aims to make that slightly easier with multi-item editing feature that will enable you update your work items quickly.

Powerful navigation and filtering

Working with a large set of work items in Azure DevOps will no longer be a daunting task with the help of powerful navigation and filtering enhancements from Project Manager for Azure DevOps.

Simple reporting with 1-click analysis

Unlock your valuable data in a single click by analyzing any query with a fully customizable pivot table.  Visualize your data with elegant charts, then share your project insights with others.

Some words about us

What we do?

We are a company that specialize in building hybrid solutions that extends and enhance cloud solutions such as Azure DevOps (formerly known as Microsoft Visual Studio Team Service).

We are power users of Azure DevOps and we are passionate about the product.  We have captured our learning on utilizing and optimizing Azure DevOps into our flagship product, Project Manager for Azure DevOps, to help others like us to maximize their Return of Investment (ROI).

Why choose us?

More productivity

Our solutions extends the capabilities of cloud software with new capabilities that are only possible when working in your desktop environment such as providing powerful search, multi item editing, and batch functionalities.

Increase agility

Many companies are operating in a complex environment involving Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-premise solutions.  These complicated scenarios often translates to overheads for employees with solutions hosted in the different environment.

At Hybridnetic, we strive to provide simple and intuitive solutions with a familiar interfaces based on Windows environment so that you can roll-out your solutions quickly.

Reduce TCO

Our solutions are designed to help maximize your Return of Investment (ROI) at one low price for perpetual licenses.


Our awesome features

Enhance your experience with Azure DevOps today with a suite of advance features that are designed to aid with your everyday workflows

Fast Performance

Whatever the size of your backlog, Project Manager for Azure DevOps will help take away the frustrations of waiting around.

Project Insights

Unlock your data and derive meaning.  Measure and track progress so you can make data-driven decisions.

Desktop Friendly

Project Manager for Azure DevOps installs directly on your Windows desktop and provides a familiar, native experiences that will reduce ramp-up time.

Manage multiple items

Manage multiple work items at the same thing using Bulk Editing and multi-item comparison.

Powerful Analysis

Generate a chart or a pivot table on any query data with a single click.

Continuous Support

As a company that uses Azure DevOps to manage our own work items internally, we are truly invested the concept of “eating your own dog food”.

Frequently asked questions

Don't find what you need? Send us your questions and comments via our chat client and we will get back to you as soon as possible

What is Project Manager for Azure DevOps?

Project Manager for Azure DevOps is a desktop client that connects to Azure DevOps and allow you to manage your work items seamlessly.

The advance functionalities such as batch editing and powerful navigation are must-haves for any power users and administrators.

Is Project Manager for Azure DevOps subscription based?

Yes, but Project Manager for Azure DevOps also offers perpetual licenses at one low cost so that there is no nasty surprises to your monthly expense bills when you tally the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your Azure DevOps installation.

What is included in Project Manager for Azure DevOps out of the box?

Users with our free version will have basic functionalities and will receive updates on periodic basis.

Paid customers will receive 1 year of support and all enhancement updates during the support period.  Customers will be notify of the updates and can decide if they want it or not directly from within Project Manager for Azure Dev Ops

Where can I find more help?

Visit our online documentation for the most up to date information on Project Manager for Azure DevOps.  Send us an email or chat if you have any questions that are not answered on the product.  Or phone us directly if you’d like to talk over the phone instead.

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